Chicago Tribune Sports, be in the know before you go.


Chicago Tribune Sports writers show pride in their knowledge and delivery of what’s taking place in Chicago sports. They keep an eye on all of the various sports teams from the Bears, Cubs, White Sox, to the Bulls, Fire and Black hawks.

Reliable coverage this is one thing I love about each Chicago Vacation I take, no matter when I was in town or planning a trip I knew where to turn to make sure I was up to date on the teams and the games.

All I had to do was to log on the Chicago Tribune Sports web site and right away I easily tell what Chicago sports teams were in town who they were playing and I could catch up on what the most recent development was. Now to be honest this isn’t the only time I’d log on to the site, I loved to follow my favorite Chicago sports teams often so if I didn’t check the Chicago Tribune sports website specifically I’d catch up with them when I was on my Facebook page.

I love attending the games live!! There is nothing like it no matter what game you go to there is electricity in the air. Chicago fans are a blast to hang with at the games, no matter what game you go to.

In the summer time, it was Wrigleyville to see the Cubs, or Cominsky Park (U.S. Cellular Field) for the White Sox the switch to this name really wasn’t too popular I’ll admit.

I think it feels like it’s a bit over commercialized. I’ve met some who absolutely refuse to call it U.S. Cellular Field. I guess it’s that way with a lot of public arenas that have been commercialized such that it has the general public and especially long time fans who have a lot of memories tied into a place and a name now calling it a cell phone company. But I digress.

Chicago Tribune Sports will give you the skinny on each team and keep you up to date so even though you’re enjoying a vacation, you can still hang with the conversations at the bar.

If this is your first Chicago vacation let’s make sure you know a bit about the Chicago sports teams.


Chicago Bears: (Click to find out more about the team and its history)

Chicago’s football team, they play out of Soldierfield by the museums. Colors are orange and blue, most fans are die hard fans. They were very disappointed in the 2006 super bowl. One thing you’ll probably find is that even though there are a number of fans in Chicago. I’ve noticed that there are not too many in other parts of the country. But Bears fans don’t typically care too much. The games are a blast to attend.

If you have a chance to see them on one of the colder days be assured there will probably be fans there with shirts off painted orange and blue, that’s how die hard these Chicago sports fans are. Discover more about these lovable Chicago Bears at Soldier Field

Chicago Blackhawks:
Chicago’s primary hockey team, colors are red and black. Fierce team, fierce fans. Okay I have to tell you that I love hockey now!

I didn’t until I had a chance to see the game live and in person. If you haven’t had a chance to experience a hockey game live you must. There is nothing like it. You spend more time on your feet than sitting and oh what a show. It’s a complete rush! Catch them here at the Chicago United Center

basketball Chicago Bulls:

Da Bulls, Michael Jordan put, this black and red team’s name on the map of the NBA. If you even remotely enjoy basketball make sure you put this on your travel itinerary, and catch up with them on the Chicago tribune sports updates before you go. It’s a great time, even if you’re not sure you’re into the game you will most likely find yourself standing up and yelling with the rest of the crowd. Experience the ROAR at the Chicago United Center.

baseball-stadium Chicago Cubs: Fondly called the Cubbies, blue and red are the colors of choice here, and the fans of this team are legendary. I personally have never met a group of Chicago sports fans that are as loyal to a team as Cubs fans are. This team has not won a world series since 1908, legend has it that they’re cursed. Yet every year when the ticket window opens to sell tickets there will be Chicagoans camped outside all night no matter what the weather waiting to get their Cubbies tickets.
Discover more about the fierce loyalty of the Chicago cubs fans

Fun Fact: The Bears name came from the observance that Football players are bigger than Base Ball players, so they took the name the Bears because Bears are bigger than Cubs.


Chicago Fire: The Chicago Tribune Sports coverage of this team makes you want to attend a game if you haven’t. I love seeing soccer live! Soccer fans make sure to catch this red and black team (Are you sensing a theme here?) on your Chicago vacation. There is nothing like a high energy game, lots of sunshine, and a cooler full of all your favorite goodies!! Sign me up. Check out more on this fantastic sports team


White Sox: 2005 World Champs and they love to remind Cub fans of this whenever they get a chance. One thing you’ll notice is that Chicago sports fans are generally either Cubs fans or White Sox fans. In season you’ll generally find friendly banter among fans at a bar or around town. The games are a blast so bring that cooler and be prepared to have fun! Be sure to see check out the World Champs White Sox Baseball.

These are exciting sports teams! See why you want to keep up with them on the Chicago Tribune Sports page; you don’t want to miss a thing!

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