Chicago dance clubs bring your A game!

Chicago dance clubs are a dynamic part of Chicago.
Chicagoans love the night life. You can find almost anything you want at night in the big city, and Chicago night clubs are set up to ensure that you want to come back. They fill the club with dynamic music, often live DJ’s who love to interact with the crowd and make sure you feel like the night and the club are designed just for your pleasure.

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Chicago dance clubs are fantastic and work hard to set themselves apart. You can dance all night long and then find a late night (or early morning if you have the stamina) restaurant or diner open and ready to give you some energy back so you can rejuvenate for the next night out.

Whether this is your first Chicago vacation or you’re a regular in the Windy City Chicago wants to make sure that you had the best night of your life and are eager to come back. When this is the goal of each individual club you can be sure that their putting their best foot forward so that you’ll go home and tell all your friends that theirs of all the Chicago dance clubs was the best. I love it when clubs compete for my business; it makes me eager to return.

RednofiveDiscover a club is designed to give you an amazing chic experience and an urban atmosphere. The club wants to you let your hair down and enjoy a dynamic setting. The staff are here to make sure you have a great time, they’re hired for their amazing personalities and talent.

Transit Night Club is a hot spot for fun and dance with live DJ’s. Transit prides itself on professionalism and customer service. They even include FREE parking; this is definitely a plus in my book, a place for a great time with a few friends or big group.

Vision The club and spot for four music venues to all converge and give you an night you’ll not soon forget. If you’re having a hard time deciding what kind of music you’re ready for then this is the perfect spot for your night out. Of all the Chicago night clubs this will probably be your favorite featuring techno, electronic, house, and hip-hop.

Funky Buddah Lounge: The Chicago club experience with versatility, if you’re looking for a place for a private party to chill with friends, or a place to dance and enjoy phenomenal Chicago DJ’s then this the spot for you. This lounge is a a great place to experience a true Chicago ambiance, and hospitality all rolled into one.

Excalibur: Identified as one of the best clubs in Chicago this dynamo club had everything you can dream of in a club from the fantastic dance floor and decadent lounge let you right away this is the place to be. The club has an ideal location right in the heart of downtown Chicago close to the Second City comedy club and the Chicago House of Blues.

Bon V: A great place to dance the night away in a hip urban lounge with an ancient Asian Dynasty and French twist. Great place to bring friends and really enjoy a night out.

Vain Nightclub and Lounge: A new and trendy club on the north side of the city with a great dance floor, lounge and bars on each floor. Plus, get this an indoor waterfall all to ensure a great night. You can’t go wrong here. Make it a point to check out Chicago's new trendy night club.
Chicago dance clubs are a great night out with a several friends or just one friend. Chicago is here to show you great time!

Or if you're one who likes to see a variety of clubs, check out this coupon for the Chicago club crawl, where you can see lots of different clubs.

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