Chicago best restaurants on a budget, fantastic food at a fabulous price

Chicago River Chicago best restaurants, on a budget, I was a little skeptical about the quality of food when I decided I needed to dine in a large city on a budget but I was wrong. And now I’m glad that I was. I discovered that Chicago wants to make sure that no matter what your able to afford that you’re able to get a quality meal. Here are some of the restaurants that have great food at a price you can work with.

Portillios: This famous Chicago restaurant has great traditional Chicago food, anything from their famous Chicago hotdogs, to Italian beef sandwiches, Italian sausage, salads, chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches and more. Here you can get a sandwich and fries for about $6.00. Portillos

Lou Malnati’sExcellent deep dish or thin crust pizza, anything from the traditional sausage to spinach pizza, salads, desserts and more. The cost of a large pizza is between $18.00 to $21.00 for a deep dish with all the trimmings. Lou Malnati’s Chciago best restaurant Thai Cuisine

Indie Café: A delicious café where you can enjoy great Japanese, and Thai cuisine. This beautiful little café has a great menu and even just veggie options for around $8 to $10 dollars. Indie Cafe

Mr. Beef: You guessed it this place serves great beef for your enjoyment. Divine Italian beef with all the trimmings; or you can opt for a sub sandwich with all the trimmings instead. Or if you’re in the mood for pizza no problem they’ve got you covered. The prices per meal are about $ 7.00 or so. Mr. Beef

A & T Grill: A plethora of choices from the 1950’s style menu, and a décor to match. This delicious food comes with décor to match the setting. Enjoy lots of different types of meat dishes, or for the more health conscious they have cholesterol free meals as well. They do serve breakfast so bring your appetite no matter when you come. The price ranges from about $8 to $12 or so. A & T Grill Chicago best restaurant for budget food the Oasis: Dine on fantastic Middle Eastern food, falafel, lentil soup and hummus. These delicious Lebanese Moroccan dishes, are priced to fit your budget at under $7.00 and under. Enjoy grilled vegetables or Moroccan chicken, or the falafel sandwich is what keeps customers coming back. Oasis Chicago best restaurants Mexican tacos

El Taco Veloz: Enjoy Tacos and great Mexican food. Dine on pozole and menudo, gorditas, burritos, seafood and tortas that make you feel like you’re south of the boarder. The average price is under $10.00. El Taco Veloz

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